Executive Committee

The Professional Staff Organization is represented by the Executive Committee.


  • Academic Affairs division: 2 members
  • Enrollment and Student Services division: 2 members
  • WWU President's office, Advancement division, University Relations division: 1 member
  • Business and Financial Affairs division: 1 member
  • At-large: 1 member
  • LGBTQ+ Advocacy Council: 1 member
  • Faculty and Staff of Color Council: 1 member
  • Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past-President

Terms and elections

Terms are two years. Terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30. Terms are staggered so that no more than half of the Executive Committee seats are open in one election cycle. Nominations and elections are held each May.

If an Executive Committee member who is not a council representative steps down mid-term, the Executive Committee appoints a replacement to complete the remainder of the term.

Councils nominate their own representatives and fill their own vacancies independent of the Executive Committee.

Contact us if you are interested in service on the Executive Committee or sub-committees.

Executive Committee Members

Human Resources

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